Your time is more valuable than you think.

80% of our time is spent on 20% of our most tedious tasks.

It doesn't have to be that way anymore.

We have highly efficient, expertly vetted assistants available to help you through your tedious projects.

Now - you can go back to what you do best.

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The solution: Pre-Vetted Personal Assistants

The biggest drawback of finding good help is actually finding it. Endless interviews, resumes and salary negotiations can often hinder or completely halt your search for a reliable assistant. You’re already low on time - finding good help shouldn’t make it worse.

How it works

Register and you'll be logged into your account. Post your first task!
Within 4 hours we will quote a completion time for the task.
Recieve your finished task! Smaller tasks are guaranteed within 24 hours.

We Can Do Almost Anything

Our Virtual Assistants are ready to perform your tedious day to day tasks. Having trouble figuring out how they’ll make your life easier? Here’s some examples of projects they frequently take on:

Lead Generation
If you know the type of customer you're looking for, point our assistants in the right direction and they can prepare a list of leads for you.
Shopping assistance
Allow us find you the best prices in your area - and fast! Or - if you need to go shopping, let us optimize your route and coupons. Or pair it with Amazon Prime and have us order things for you online, on-time.
Market & Competitor Research
You're looking to expand and want to find 100 potential customers. Give us the parameters and we can prepare an extensive list of potential customers.
Email cleanup & organization
Keeping track of emails coming in can be tough. We can help you organize old emails, create rules for new ones and unsubscribe you from various day-to-day spam.
Organizing your Calendars, Google Drive, Computers
We can cleanup all aspects of your hectic electronic life and get you working on schedule.
Social Media Post Curation & Scheduling
Allow us to help plan out your social media schedule and execute it.
Email Marketing Curation & Scheduling
Once your brand is going strong, your fans, viewers or customers will want to hear from you! Email marketing can be one of the most tedious tasks out there. We can simplify it quickly by stripping away the tedious parts and let you focus on the content.
Website maintenance on major platforms
Need someone to keep up with small updates to your site? We're fluent in major platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify!
Health Insurance Claims
Maximize your benefits of your health care plan and do it with no-hassle by having our assistants make claims on your behalf.
If you can think it, we can probably do it. Just ask us!
John Fackoury
Ever since I read the 4 Hour Workweek in 2009 I've thought about how I could leverage a VA. I've had my own business for nearly 5 years and continued to think about it, but I had 2 problems:

1. I didn't have the time to vet someone
2. Although I had lots of tasks for them, I didn't think I could keep them busy full-time

Assistant Connect solved both of these issues. I've taken tedious tasks off mine/my full-time employees' hands to keep them engaged and better leverage their time. I've also undertaken a number of other tasks that I could never have justified paying someone domestically to do. I've primarily used Assistant Connect for list building and data collection, but I'm furiously brainstorming more ways to leverage this resource. My VA is efficient, thorough, and extremely polite. Shane and Allan have also been a pleasure to work with in setting me up with my VA.

Highly recommended. One of those services you probably didn't know you needed until you had it.


Here are just some of the types of people who use our services:

Ordering of diapers, wipes, formula and other supplies. We constantly search for deals and find the best prices shipped to your location.
Daycare placement: We will summarize all daycares between your home and work, and contact the centers for availability.
We can provide a list of all available vendors to your venues for Flowers, Food, DJs and more. Save thousands of dollars and get hours of your life back by letting us do the initial outreach and negotiation. We welcome all engagements across the spectrum and will adjust to your needs.
Low cost option for vital day to day tasks. Subsidies also available for proven NFPs.
Advertise your events across your channels. Tracking entries and attendance.
Keep your extra-curriculars and your lecture schedules straight, or have our assistants find you potential research items - but no cheating! Subsidies also available for proven students.
Most importantly - small businesses. They are still the backbone to our company and we're grateful to have them aboard. Our assistants are able to perform any day to day tasks as well as accounting, social media management and more. Just ask!

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Frequently Answered QUestions

How is a task processed?

When you finish signing up today, you will be sent to a login page that will allow you to use your newly-created email and password to access the task request system. Submitting a task is super simple - write out what you're looking for, attach any supporting documents, images, video and we'll take care of the rest!.

What is the turnaround time on a task?

We guarantee within 4 hours your task will be assessed and estimated for the amount of time required to complete the task.

Remember: all tasks are not created equal.

Think of us like Amazon Prime: for all tasks estimated to take less than one hour, and submitted before 4pm EST, we can guarantee next day delivery.

Tasks longer than one hour we will estimate a date of completion but usually no more than 96 hours.

Please note - some task estimates may be updated within the first 2 hours of task completion.

Is there any restrictions to what I can request?

First, foremost and a non-negotiable - our assistants will absolutely not be required to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable and we will stand behind their decisions in this matter. All requests must follow municipal (both yours, ours and our assistants), provincial/state and federal laws in all affected countries.

We're big on having a great, healthy, loving, accepting work environment.

Long story short, we won't do anything we're not comfortable with, legally or morally.

You wouldn't think we'd have to say this - but we do.

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